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Welcome to FleetSentinel

'Equipment you can count on, from people you can trust'

The modern logistics industry comes with its very own set of pitfalls. Chief amongst those being the welfare of your drivers and vehicles whilst out on the road, for these are the assets that best represent you and your company. It is imperative that they, and therefore your brand and your reputation are protected at all times.

With a range of cutting-edge CCTV and footage management solutions, we are perfectly placed to provide you with all the protection you need. We know that in this industry things happen at a tremendous pace, so you need solutions that aren't just reactive but proactive.

This is where FleetSentinel comes in! Not only does the systems provide conclusive proof of any events that have occurred on the road; the footage from our systems act as a driver training tool which has been proven to help reduce the number of incidents that your drivers will be involved in.

To ensure you have the safest fleet in the country, you need a company with its finger on the pulse, constantly innovating and settling for nothing less than excellence. They call us the Fleet Manager's best friend for a reason...

Secured against tampering and vandalism
High quality multiple channels of sound
Simultaneously record video and sound from up to sixteen cameras
Full package with sound, GPS, tracker and black box