Fully Maintained

Fully Maintained

FleetSentinel's fully managed CCTV system is the most popular package amongst our clients. The reason for this is because no other CCTV company provides such a comprehensive service. Our engineers take care of everything enabling your staff to concentrate on your core business.

We begin by listening to our customers’ specification and then provide advice as to which of our vehicle CCTV systems best suits their requirements. Once a plan is formulated we then make all of the arrangements to supply and fit them for the customer at their convenience.

Included in the fully managed package is the routine servicing and warranty repair of all of our equipment. Routine checks are performed every ten weeks to ensure that the systems are operating correctly. Throughout the life of the contract we will replace any components that we find to be faulty at no extra cost; we always replace the faulty item with the latest hardware available.

The system fitted to each vehicle is regarded as a individual package meaning that it is transferable to any another vehicle mid contract. Therefore, if a customer renews the fleet or a particular vehicle is written off by damage the package is merely transferred to the new vehicle(s)*.

Should the worst happen all the customer needs to do is email us, we will then attend the vehicle, retrieve the hard-drive and process the data. Only we have access to the equipment in order to preserve the security and integrity of the data; all of which is handled in compliance with the Data Protection Act.

At FleetSentinel you get much more than just a vehicle CCTV camera system; you get a package full of assurance and peace of mind that comes with knowing that, whatever the incident, FleetSentinel have got you covered!

*excludes fitting and removal costs